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Richmond City Council to welcome Sister City Delegation from Segou, Republic of Mali, during Formal Meeting

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Richmond City Council to welcome Sister City Delegation from Segou, Republic of Mali, during Formal Meeting


WHAT          (Richmond, Virginia U.S.A.) -- Richmond City Council will receive and welcome a Sister City delegation from the City of Segou, Republic of Mali. Celebrating the fifth-year anniversary of our important Sister City relationship with the City of Segou, Richmond City Council is honored to recognize the members of this delegation for their service, leadership and dedication on behalf of the residents of the City of Segou and for their continuing work on behalf of our two cities.


                              Richmond’s Sister City relationship is coordinated by the Richmond City Council Sister Cities Commission. The members of the delegation from the City of Segou (provided in French) include:


Governor of the Region of Segou

Excellence Monsieur le Gouverneur Boubacar Thierno CISSE, Gouverneur de la Région de Ségou


Mayor of Segou

The Honorable Ousmane K SIMAGA, Maire de la Ville de Ségou


City Councilman and Chair of the Sister Cities Commission 

Monsieur le Conseiller municipal Madani SISSOKO, Président de la Commission des Jumelages de la Ville de Ségou


President of the University of Segou

Monsieur le Recteur, le Dr Abdoulaye TRAORE, Recteur de L'Université de Ségou


Director of the Segou Hospital

Monsieur le Directeur General, le Dr Abdoulaye SANOGO, Directeur Général de l’hôpital Nianankoro Fomba de Ségou


Budget director for the Segou Region

Monsieur l'Instructeur de la Direction Regionale du Budget Yah TRAORE


National Deputy and Haidara Foundation President

The Honorable Abdoul Galil Mansour HAIDARA, députe et Président de la Fondation Cheick Mansour Haidara-Ségou


Segou Bank Manager

Monsieur le Directeur d'Agence, Monsieur Garba El Haki KEITA, chef d'agence, Banque Malienne de Solidarité Ségou


WHEN          Monday, October 13, 2014

                   6:00-8:00 p.m.

                        (During the first part of the scheduled Richmond City Council Formal Meeting)


WHERE         Richmond City Council Formal Meeting

Richmond City Council Chambers

Richmond City Hall, 2nd Floor

900 E. Broad Street

Richmond, Virginia 23229


Background on the Richmond City Council Sister Cities Commission ______________

One of Richmond City Council's more than 50 boards, task forces and commissions created to assist with providing oversight of certain projects and priorities, the Richmond City Council Sister Cities Commission was established by Richmond City Council in 1980 and consists of 13 members. It operates under Council guidelines and by requirements of the Sister Cities International organization, located in Washington, D.C.


   An early champion of international relations, Richmond began a relationship with its namesake, Richmond Upon Thames, England, in 1930. In 1956 a formal Sister City concept was established in the United States of America by U. S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. President Eisenhower's idea called for exchanges between Americans and people in other countries, with a goal of fostering peace, understanding and harmony.


   The term “Sister City” is used to express a closeness that is engendered through commonalities between communities.  Formal friendships are then established to promote cultural understanding and educational and economic prosperity.


   For example, cities linked with Richmond are generally cities with comparable populations, notable points of historic interest, and potential opportunities for economic development and trade.


Richmond Sister City Relationships

Richmond currently maintains the following Sister City relationships:

      1.  Richmond upon Thames, England (Europe)

      2.   Saitama City, Japan (Asia)

      3.   Windhoek, Namibia (Africa)

      4.  Zhengzhou, China (Asia)

      5.  Segou, Republic of Mali (Africa)



Throughout the year, Richmond City Council receives requests from residents and interested cities regarding its Sister Cities Program, which are shared with the Commission.


Some examples of Sister Cities Activities _________________________________________


Segou, Republic of Mali (Africa)

Richmond’s partnership with Segou, Republic of Mali is Richmond's city’s newest Sister City relationship. Richmond and the city of Segou, Republic of Mali, became Sister Cities in 2009 following the adoption of Richmond City Council Resolution 2009-R99-109, adopted July 27, 2009 that invited Segou to be a formal Sister City of Richmond, and the formalization of the relationship in Richmond on October 12, 2009 with a visiting delegation of dignitaries from Segou.


   In April 2010 Richmond was awarded an $115,000 grant from Sister Cities International for a two-year African Sustainability Project that will be used to assist with performing projects in Segou that will assist with addressing sanitation, health, and water issues. On May 10, 2010 Richmond City Council received and welcomed a visiting delegation from the Republic of Mali. The delegation included six members of the country’s government who were in Richmond for the day as part of a government training program sponsored by the Institute for Global Training, USAID in Washington D.C. and were being show state and local government by the University of Virginia Weldon Cooper Center’s Virginia Institute of Government.


   On October 6, 2010 the Richmond City Council Sister Cities Commission and members of Richmond City Council and the Richmond Government Administration welcomed The Honorable Ousmane K. Simaga, Mayor of Segou, Republic of Mali (Africa); The Honorable Madani Sissoko, Councilman, Segou, Republic of Mali (Africa), President of the Segou Sister City Commission; and, a number of additional dignitaries from Segou, Republic of Mali (Africa), during its monthly meeting.


Richmond upon Thames, England (Europe)

In 2008 Richmond was honored with a visit from the Mayor and Councilmember's from Richmond upon Thames. In 2007 Richmond was honored with a visit from the Mayor and Councilmembers from Richmond upon Thames in coordinating planning and events leading up to Virginia’s 400th-year celebration in 2007.


Zhenghou, China (Asia)

Richmond continues supporting teacher exchanges and exchanges of art and culture through museums, economic trips to China (conducted by Governor of Virginia with representation from Richmond). A book collection was presented to Richmond citizens from Zhengzhou citizens, which is displayed at the Richmond Public Library - Main Library.


Saitama, Japan (Asia)

Annual student, academic, sports and cultural exchange programs.


·         Richmond has an ongoing annual baseball exchange with Saitama, which began in Richmond in 1994 and rotates each year (missing 2011 due to the tragic earthquake and tsunami that severely impacted Japan) from Richmond to Saitama.


·         From August 3-8, 2012 Richmond welcomed Japanese Little League Baseball team players for the 18th Richmond City Council Sister Cities Richmond-Saitama International Junior Baseball Exchange. This exchange marked the return to the exchange for the first time since 2010, as the 2011 events were canceled due to tragic earthquake and tsunami that severely impacted Japan. During their week-long stay, the little leaguers enjoyed international cultural exchange and played baseball games with Little League teams in the Richmond area. The visiting Saitama team included 17 players, one City Official, four coaches and an emergency technician. The visit, games and friendships fostered during the little leaguers’ visit to Richmond are sterling examples of the partnership and collaboration between Richmond and Saitama, one of Richmond’s six international Sister City relationships.


·         On June 23, 2012, three educators visited Richmond from Saitama, Japan for two weeks as part of Richmond Sister Cities Commission Educational Exchange program. That marked the 13th year of this successful educational exchange program, which began in 1998.


·         In March of 2012, 10 high school students and two teachers from Urawa Municipal High School in Saitama, Japan visited Richmond to as part of a week-long Richmond Sister Cities Commission Educational Exchange program.


Windhoek, Namibia (Africa)

August 2007: the U.S. State Department brought a camera crew to Richmond from Windhoek coordinated events. July 2003: Richmond donated a Fire Truck to Windhoek.


For more information regarding the Richmond City Council Sister Cities Commission, please visit its website, at



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